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What Is Mabwe?

Welcome to Mabwe, operated by Mabwe, LLC (“us,” “we,” the “Company” or “Mabwe”), an African space carved out of the need to not only connect Africans but also promote African idea-generation and curation in a unique way. Mabwe is not reinventing the wheel but merely utilizing the World Wide Web in a better and more nuanced way for Africa, Africans and its Diaspora.

Name Origins

Mabwe is a Shona word derived from a contraction (dzimba dza mabwe) meaning literally "houses of stone” after which the modern state of Zimbabwe is named. The platform seeks to:

  • promote rock solid partnerships among African peoples with the firm understanding that we stand to achieve more as one family conversing

  • spread stone-cold truth about Africa and her people from their perspectives

  • create a space for Africa and her diaspora to shape a future that is in tune with challenges of the 21st century

Mabwe deliberately targets the city (as opposed to the country) with the firm understanding that Africa is one, our destinies are interconnected and we get to achieve more by opening to each other and talking more.

With a growing youth population, Africa, more than ever needs to take advantage of its unique place in history and advance its interests not as peripheral project but as a key stakeholder in the future we aim to achieve. It seeks to push for a united Africa that is aware of the mostly similar challenges it faces and also the unique strengths each one of our societies hold and create a space to learn from each other.

Mabwe seeks to promote a catalogue of African ideas that inspire and propel us into the future we envision. Deeply rooted in our Africa-ness is our ability to network and collaborate. We sell products at family gatherings, look for jobs at events, share information on the street - mabwe builds on that and reinforces that connection through the platform’s four categories - Connect, Career, Marketplace Africa, and mabwe411.

Are you looking to connect with Africa, her daughters and sons and beyond? Connect is the right place for you. Mabwe is based on our shared commitment to Africa and wholly relies on its members to produce the content.

Are you a recent graduate, actively seeking employment or a career change? Or are you looking for advice on navigating the ever-evolving job market? Career is the right place for you. The Career category seeks to build mentorships from the vast knowledge base we have as a people.

Do you want to learn more about what’s going in other communities beyond your border outside the regular news channels? Are you keen on local innovations, Inspirations, and how local societies are leading the transformation of Africa one block at a time? mabwe411 is the right place for you. This category helps us to learn from each other and share ideas on what is happening across the borders on our vast continent. Feel free to share inspirational stories, innovative concepts, exploitable ideas and anything that connects Africa.

Are you selling/looking for a product/service to buy/sell in your local community and beyond? Marketplace Africa is the right place for you. Marketplace Africa seeks to adapt to the expectations and needs of consumers and sellers in targeted markets. It is a simple solution to connect sellers and buyers.

Do you just want to feel the African vibe, gain enough experience and enjoy the African way of life? MY54 videos are yours.

Are you interested in and passionate about our Africa? mabwe is for you. mabwe is you! The challenges of the 21st century are vast and we cannot outsource the solutions to anyone but ourselves. Let’s Own It!


We hope you have gone through and understood what mabwe was designed for. We heartily appreciate your support and useful comments. We are constantly working to improve mabwe so get in touch in case there is anything you want to talk about. Leave a review, tell us what you think. We will listen and respond.

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